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As the mobile home moving company Albuquerque, NM has trusted for transported their homes for years, we take every job seriously. When moving a mobile home, you need to hire the professionals. With our mobile home transport services, you can have confidence your home will be moved properly and safely. Our team has experience transporting all types of sizes of mobile homes both in the country and around the world, no matter the size or age. We offer an array of solutions to help ensure you get just what you need. As a professional moving service, we understand your home is one of your most important assets. You can count on our professional staff to treat it with respect and care each step of the way.

Single, Double or Triple-Wide Transport Services

Mobile homes come in all different configurations, just like single-family homes. A single-family home is usually narrow and long. Double-wide homes are usually wider than the single-family counterparts; however, they are shorter. As an owner, you need to understand what type of transport is appropriate for your home.

When you contact our transport services, be sure to speak to our team of specialists to learn about the various shipping options we offer, and which ones are right for your home. Most single-wide homes are 15′ by 72′. This means that a heavy-duty transport trailer is needed. However, with a double-wide mobile home, you have a structure that is 26′ by 56′, but there are some exceptions. There are some double-wide structures that are up to 90 feet in length. When moving a double-wide home, our team will split it into two parts. This requires several trucks or trips to finish the move.

Trailer or Wheels Transport

There are two options when it comes to shipping a mobile home. Some people want to have the home towed using wheels. Others prefer trailer transport. Do you know the differences and similarities between these options?

Towing or wheels transport is one solution you can consider. When a mobile home is being towed, the crew will remove the ground attachments from the home and then replace them with wheels and axles. Trucks with an experienced driver will then move the home to the new location.
If you choose the trailer transport option, the home will be lifted to install the wheels and axles for transport. After this is done, the mobile home will be moved to the trailer to be moved. The trailer is selected based on the load and size of the home. All crew members will be properly trained to ensure a safe moving process.

Logistic Solutions for the Moving Process

Before disconnecting the mobile home and preparing it to be moved, it is necessary to purchase the proper permits for transporting it. The unit must also be inspected to make sure that it is safe to move. Some mobile home moving companies will include the inspection and permitting costs in their quotes. Others will leave this up to a homeowner. This is why it is so important to find out with the movers what their process is to ensure an even playing field when gathering quotes.

After the permits are in order, the actual preparation will begin. Usually, this involves removing the decks, skirts, porch roofs, and stairs from the home and disconnecting the structure from all utility hook-ups. Larger structures, such as double- or triple-wides, will have to be separated into two or more parts before being relocated, too.

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