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Mobile Home Skirting
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The look of a mobile home will be impacted significantly by the skirting that is installed. The cost of the skirting will vary based on the style of the home and the amount that is needed. Keep reading to learn more about the skirting options that are available and what options will suit your needs best.

Understanding the Skirting for a Mobile Home

A crucial selling point for today’s manufactured homes is the available customization options. You can select everything for your home, from the shutters and roof to the flooring, appliances, and even the home’s skirting.

The skirting is often called the underpinnings. This is the material that is found between the home’s base and the ground. The purpose of the mobile home skirting is to help secure the space beneath the home, all while increasing the overall curb appeal.

Benefits Provided by the Skirting on a Manufactured Home

There are several benefits offered by installing the right manufactured home skirting. When installed properly, the skirting will help to protect against rodent or pest infestations; it will help to protect the pipes and the other underpinnings from the elements. Additional benefits of mobile home skirting is that it will reduce insurance costs, prevent the buildup of moisture, help to stabilize the temperature in the home, and it will keep children out from this part of the house.

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Options Available for
Mobile Home Skirting

Choosing the right manufactured home skirting is essential. The primary reason for this is because there are so many options. Some of the most popular options are highlighted here.
A popular material this is both attractive and extremely affordable. The process for installation is simple, which will reduce labor costs.
This is an option that is almost as popular as vinyl skirting. The panels look like natural stones. The installation process is similar to vinyl.
With this skirting, you have an aesthetic that looks like real stones or bricks. Usually, this skirting is secured to the wood.
For superior weather resilience, this option is best. Compared to others, this skirting is much more labor-intensive, which may increase the cost.
There are a few metal skirting options for a manufactured home. Some of the most popular include tin and steel. Pre-framing is usually needed to install metal skirting; however, the patterns and stamped designs make it an appealing option from an aesthetic perspective.
This is called “rigid home” and will help improve energy efficiency, all while reducing drafts. It can also look like real stone, pebbles, or brick.
Plywood and wood-based composites are not that popular of options. However, they are simple to install. If you want an easy skirting option, this is one to consider.
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