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Mobile Home Installation Albuquerque, NM

When you are ready to have a mobile home moved, hiring professionals is a must. Our professional services can help ensure your home is moved safely and quickly and that it is set up in its new location as soon as possible. While each installation is unique, there is a specific sequence of events that have to occur while it is being installed.
By hiring our setup services, you can feel confident everything is handled correctly. We can begin the process of moving the home after the foundation is set up and in place. While single- and double-wide installation processes are very similar, the installation of a single-wide home is typically easier because there is just one section.
Some steps involved with installing a mobile home are highlighted here.

Removal of Packing Material

During the shipping process, there are all types of packing material used to protect the various components. During this phase, our team of professionals will remove all the packing protection in place and thoroughly inspect the home, materials, equipment, and appliances. If there is any damage, it should be reported right away because it will be the transporter that needs to handle this.

Moisture Protection Installation

After all the packing materials have been removed, a polyethylene sheeting or some other type of moisture retardant material will be installed over the ground. Our professional team is going to follow the specific instructions that are provided by the home’s manufacturer or based on the building codes in the local area.

Proper Positioning of Home Sections

When a home is being installed, the heaviest section is put in place first. The process is handled using rollers, winches, and hydraulic jacks, along with other tools for moving the section in question to the final position. After it is in place, the running gear will be removed. Using a crane is necessary if basement foundations are used. Once the initial section is put in place, the process is finished. The second part is going to be squared with the initial section.

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Level and Block the
Manufactured Home

The team will make the needed height adjustments for aligning the roof, floors, and the intersecting walls perfectly. The sections are then fastened together. Once the parts of the home have been leveled and blocked, the home will be anchored to the foundation.

The Final Steps!

After everything is put into position, the gutters and downpipes are installed. When this happens, the water, septic tank, and utilities are connected. The ventilation ducts and heating will also be connected appropriately. With our team, we will ensure the crossover connections between the home’s sections, including the phone wires, plumbing, and electrical connections, are correctly installed.
If there is a basement, our team will properly construct the stairs to make sure they meet all regulations set by the local building codes. The team will complete the installation of the drywall, install all the trim, and test the systems and connections to make sure everything works properly.
Before our team leaves, we will ensure everything is clean and ready to go.