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When someone is thinking about buying a mobile home, there are many factors to consider. Before signing the contract, buyers need to make arrangements with an experienced and professional mobile home mover. The right company will ensure an efficient and safe mobile home moving services in the area. Regardless of where the mobile home is purchased or where it needs to be moved, if it is within the state lines, this company can help.

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Licensed, Bonded & Insured: It is important to know that you are protected in the case of an accident in transporting and setting up your mobile. We follow strict guidelines to ensure you and your property is adequately protected.
Experienced: We have been moving and setting up mobile homes for a long time and are great at what we do. You can be sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing.
Competitive Pricing: We stand behind our pricing and the quality and care that comes with it. Give us a call today for your Free Quote, and an affordable price.

What to Expect with the Mobile Home Moving Process

When moving a manufactured home, the process is often divided into three distinct parts. The first step is to disconnect the building from the current location. It will then be put onto a specialized moving truck and set on the new land or in the mobile home park.

The Disconnecting and Permitting Process

Before disconnecting the mobile home and preparing it to be moved, it is necessary to purchase the proper permits for transporting it. The unit must also be inspected to make sure that it is safe to move. Some mobile home transport companies will include the inspection and permitting costs in their quotes. Others will leave this up to a homeowner. This is why it is so important to find out with the movers what their process is to ensure an even playing field when gathering quotes. After the permits are in order, the actual preparation will begin. Usually, this involves removing the decks, skirts, porch roofs, and stairs from the home and disconnecting the structure from all utility hook-ups. Larger structures, such as double- or triple-wides, will have to be separated into two or more parts before being relocated, too.

Moving the Mobile Home to the New Location

When the professionals are hired for mobile home moving, they will have a fleet of specialized pilot cars, flatbed trucks, and heavier equipment cranes to effectively and safely move the mobile home onto the truck that is being used for transport. The professionals will also ensure the structure is secured to be moved. The actual cost of the moving services will vary based on how far the unit has to be moved to reach its destination.

New Site Installation

Before the mobile home arrives at the new location, the site has to be appropriately prepared. Most mobile home moving companies will offer site preparation along with transport services. However, some moving services do not provide this. The mobile homeowner can also decide to handle the preparation work on their own, but if problems occur because the site is not prepared properly, it can increase the cost of installation significantly. When preparing the site, a person needs to ensure there is a flat, level surface present for the unit. Also, the land should be easy to access for large equipment and moving trucks. When selecting a site, try to find one that is slightly elevated. This is going to help prevent drainage issues in the future.

Mobile Home Movers New Mexico

Albuquerque Mobile Home Installation

It is possible to install mobile homes on concrete foundations, packed dirt, and pier foundations. While this is true, the best option is a stable, concrete foundation. The remainder of the installation process will vary based on the conditions at the installation site and the type of foundation that was used. During installation, the mobile home is removed from the truck or trailer, usually with cranes. It is set on the foundation or concrete blocks designed for heavier loads. If it is a double-wide or triple-wide unit, the pieces that are separated to be moved will be put back together and reattached by the moving company. Once in place, all utility lines can be reconnected and run to the appropriate sections. Keep in mind, all the utilities will be put in place; however, the power will not be able to be turned on until the home is fully inspected and certified as being safe for people to live in. If the unit’s siding, drywall, or any other components have experienced damage while being moved, the installation contractors will provide the necessary repairs. After the home is installed on the foundation and the utilities, which usually include gas, electricity, and sewage, are hooked up, then it can be tested and certified by the local authority. It is also possible for the mobile homeowner to hire an independent professional to handle the inspection; however, they need to ensure the person has the credentials required to certify it is safe for occupancy with the state where it is located.

Albuquerque Mobile Home Consideration for
Different Types of Mobile Homes

  • – The process of moving and install a mobile home is dependent on the model.
  • – For park model homes that are brand new, different trucks can be used because they include a trailer hookup that is similar to what is used for RVs. These are much heavier though than most fifth wheels, which means professional moving services are necessary.
  • – A single-wide home can be moved in one piece. However, they must still be disconnected and then reinstalled by professionals. For double wides and triple wides, the homes must be taken apart and moved in sections. This will impact the cost of the move, making it more than a single-wide relocation.

Demolition Service for Different Types of
Mobile Homes in New Mexico

Is it time to make room for a new mobile home, but the current owner wants to avoid having to pay to have the current one transported to another location? If so, demolition services are available. However, these require special permits and services from a demolition contractor.

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It is essential to understand that the only way to ensure that a mobile home, regardless of size or age, can be moved safely is by hiring a company that specializes in these services. It is possible to save money by ensuring the new site is prepared; however, if mistakes are made, this can cost more. By hiring the professionals and letting them handle the process from beginning to end, it is possible to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that the relocation of the mobile home will be seamless.

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